Psychological Distance Between Teachers and Students
I have always thought the psychological distance between the teacher and students should be close, and had no doubt in my mind that this idea is universal. However, there are people in the world who may not think so, but think friendliness is not a teacher's quality. Mmm...I do not think closeness is the same as friendliness. A teacher can be an understanding person yet being a leader, but does not have to be a friend. I always try to be an understanding person but not to be a friend of students who are 40 years younger than me.

I have recently taken a course to become a sports leader, a license offered by the Japan Sports Association. During the course I have learned that sports leaders should practice PETROL when they offer sports training instructions. The term is an acronym of Process, Acknowledgement, Together, Respect, Observation, and Listening. So, sports leaders should listen to students, respect them, and think with students, which is my idea of a teacher.

In fact, I may have been trying to revise the idea of an authoritative teacher that has been familiar to me all my life.   - NS

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