His name was Manuel. He was a classmate of mine at ELS Language Center in Houston, Texas. He was handsome, a soccer player, and from Venezuela. I was not a succor player or handsome and from Japan. Despite our differences,  we got along with each other.

Manuel asked me if I wanted to go to dance. I had never danced before and did not know if I wanted to go to dance. He took me to Tropical Club in downtown Houston. In there, the band played the Mariachi and people danced to the Mexican tune. Manuel's sister came and sat with me. I think she had a tequila sunrise. I had a tequila and she showed me how to drink it with lime and salt. You place the salt on your fist, lick it, drink tequila, and bite the lime. The band played a disco tune and she asked me to dance. I was embarrassed, of course,  but we went to the dance floor and I copied her moves. Then I knew it that I liked to dance: the second shock of my life. She said I danced well, and I said, "Well...I danced some in Tokyo."

I had never seen her again, but I continued to dance. Later, I moved to Dallas and was a regular at a disco named The Place Across the Street. Yes, that's the name! I am very sure the club do not exist any more but the band was superb and the dancers were excellent. There was a unity among the dancers who shared the same rhythm. The band jammed.

I copied good dancers first, and eventually had my own tricks. I was soon one of regulars every Saturday and guests began to notice me. They said, "Hi, Nicky! when they saw me.

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