Eiken English exam

I took the level two of the Eiken examination and failed. For those who do not know about the Eiken, it is an English proficiency test originated in Japan. I passed the first section, because it was about English grammar. All Japanese students are trained to pass English grammar examinations. I failed the second part which was an interview. It was no wonder because I had never spoken English to anyone.

Knowing the need to practice English conversation, I went to an English school and began studying the language. The school, King's English School, was in Yokohama city. I guessed President Kokitsu wanted to promote British English in Japan, judging from the name of the school, but I had never asked him. I was 19 years old and a college freshman.

My first teacher was Mr. Taft from the U.S., and I was thrilled to speak English because I enjoyed it so much. My reaction was that I did not know such a world existed:  the first shock of my life. Even though it was my first time to speak the language, it was so comfortable that I felt like I returned to my home.

I have been studying English ever since, and it has now become my second nature.

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