It's not 7 yet, idiot.

I arrived at the parking lot at around 6:50 and the attendants were talking to each other, apparently not expecting anyone who would come that early in the morning. One of them saw me and came giggling. He said, "He he he...The parking lot opens at 7 o'clock." To English speakers, his response and behavior would have been interpreted as, "You can't park your bike because it opens at 7 o'clock, and it's not 7 o'clock yet, idiot." The "idiot" part is my interpretation of "he he he." Well...he is Japanese and so am I and there is a different interpretation for the whole scene. What he meant was, "Oh, I am sorry that I did not notice you because it is not 7 o'clock yet, and the parking lot opens at 7. Of course, you can park your bike." The "of course you can park your bike," part is my interpretation of "he he he." Any way, this is the way to interpret how the Japanese speak and behave.

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