Japanese work ethic

My condominium is now going through a painting job. The building is old and the walls needed a new coat to withstand whether exposures for another 20 years. A contractor is hired and the foreman is a Japanese man in his late 30s. He is the head of younger workers who talk like they have been just out of correction facilities for juveniles. They often add an expression like, "You dumb axx.!" to the end of each sentence and their conversations are not pleasant to listen to. Well...my office is right in the middle of the painting chaos and you will hear their voices. To show some respect to the young men, and the woman, they are highly efficient in what they are doing and they know it. Their confidence exuberates and they look good.

The foreman, on the other hand, is a gentleman. He greets all tenants when he sees them and say, "Hello." He may be the only person with a college degree and does not have the air to brag it. In fact, he uses gentle words when he gives instructions to the young men and woman, who respect him in return: the Japanese work ethic that works.

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