Hyper tensioned neighbor

I was at home, preparing for my evening class. The phone rang and I answered it. A lady was on the phone and I did not know who she was. She mentioned her room number, so she must have been my neighbor. She wanted to talk to "Mrs. Sekino" and I said she was not at home.

Somehow this answer made her think that I was a college student, because a man who is at home in the middle of a day "cannot be" a grown adult. She then paraphrased her question to, "Let me talk to your mom." I said, "She is not at home," which is true because my mother has been with the God.

Then she started complaining about my bank account being short of funds. Well...that's what she sounded like, because she said, "Bank did not transfer money." In Japanese, you can tell a sentence without a subject and the incomplete sentence makes perfect sense. For instance, you can say, "Bank did not make the monetary transfer," to mean,"My bank did not make the monetary transfer," or "Your bank did not make the monetary transfer," depending on the context you are exposed to. Since she was so angry I assumed she was a condo official who was referring to our financial status.

In the evening, my wife and I talked about this incidence, and the lady turned out to be a hyper tensioned neighbor who always sounded highly emotional when she asked questions. It was her bank that did not make some monetary transfer.

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