To learn TOEIC in Japanese

I have known for some time that many Japanese people treat the TOEIC and English conversation separately. I mean they apparently think the TOEIC does not indicate the communicative skills one has in English. Otherwise, it does not make sense to hear that they want to take TOEIC preparation courses given in Japanese. They have indicated on a number of occasions to me that they want to know techniques to score high on the test, but the class "must" be done in Japanese, because if it is done in English they will not understand what is discussed. Mmm...I must admit that there is a certain logic in this logic, but if you learn how to speak English in Japanese, it defeats the purpose of learning. Another game that is played in the Japanese world of English education. Oh, for those who do not know what the TOEIC is, it is a test to indicate the mastery of communicative skills of English and the word stands for the Test of English for International Communication.

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