I have not written here for some time. But now, I am ready to make a contribution again.

The news is U-VET will have its inaugural meeting. The date and time are Aug. 23 (Sat) from 1:00 o'clock to 4:00 o'clock. During the first hour, I will explain the purpose of U-VET.

The purpose is really to create the unified voice of serious English teachers that we care about English education.

Issues such as discrimination that English teachers of non-native speakers face will later be addressed. But please do not misunderstand. Our intention is not to raise a flag and march on the streets of Tokyo. We will approach the issue in much more intelligent ways.

During the meeting, I will call for papers that describe either (1) discriminatory treatments you have faced and (2) less than pedagogical practices in the class you have witnessed. I will explain more. My plan is to consolidate your papers into a book and publish it. Amazon has a service that lets you do that with no costs for writers. Why not take advantage of it?

I will use two hours to introduce a case study that is about a Japanese supermarket that has experienced management reshuffles from Japanese to American. In this training, I will introduce how contentious Japanese workers fulfill their duties, even without being asked. The worker's behavior has caused some conflicts with her boss.

The inaugural meeting will be free.

Please send me a letter to n.sekino@silk.ocn.ne.jp. I will send you the name of the church and directions. I will also send you the discussion material.

I want to see you.

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