The river of no return

It happened when I was in my second year in the United States. English became easier than ever, and I had no trouble communicating with people in the language. I knew I had come a long way, and I saw a river, in my head, that lay in front of me. The vast expanse of the English world and the lights of some buildings were visible on the other side. Then a divine voice said, "So, you have come this far. There are not many people who reach the river of no return. Beyond the river, there is the world of English as you see. You are free to go there. If you do, you will understand more about English. However, you will never return to where you are now, but be able to witness what is happening in your old world as if you are actually there.  Are you sure you want to cross the river?" I said "yes" and went to the other side. I have never returned to my old world since then.

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